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uPnP Mate

The modern home is full of smart devices, many of which employ the universal plug and play (UPnP) protocol for discovery and control.

uPnP Mate can discover all of your UPnP devices on your local area network. For each device present, you can

  • Find out its capabilities and limitations, including any optional actions and manufacturer extensions
  • Access the presentation user interface from which the device may be administered
  • View the device and service descriptions in full

If you are a software developer, uPnP Mate tells you everything about your UPnP devices and shows it in an easy-to-read format.

New in Version 1.2

The formatted XML device and service descriptions, the SSDP discovery log, may be exported without the cumbersome copying and pasting of text off the screen.


uPnP Mate is available for free download on the iOS App Store.

Download on the App Store image