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Showpieces Music Player

Showpieces is a music player for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with a difference. While the default media player on the iPhone or iPad allows you to set up playlists of tracks, Showpieces allows you to define highlights of a track. Once a cue sheet of highlights has been created, you can choose to listen to the entire track or just the highlights. Additional markers may be placed inside a highlight section to act as bookmarks, giving you direct access to your favourite arias and choruses.

Showpieces is particularly suited to live recordings of concerts and operas in which a performance is naturally divided into several parts separated by intermissions. The intermissions often contain interesting material, such as interviews with the performers, that you will want to keep but may not want to listen to every time you play the track. With Showpieces, you have the option to listen to just the highlights or to the entire recording, without having to edit or make changes to the audio file.


  • Define cue-in and cue-out points to create highlight segments
  • Create cue-in points as bookmarks
  • Configurable skip backward button lets you review the last few seconds or minutes of a recording
  • Configurable jump forward button lets you seek forward in fix increments, making locating the start or end of a highlight a breeze
  • Positions of cues and bookmarks may be edited visually to a high degree of precision
  • Gapless playback of highlight segments
  • Easily switch between different play modes and edit mode
  • The original recording is not altered in any way
  • Optimised for both iPhone and iPad

New in Version 1.3

  • The apps have been updated to support iOS 11 and the latest devices including the iPhone X
  • Playback control via the Control Centre and the locked screen
  • Improved user interface
  • Split screen on supported iPads


This app is currently not available.

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Download on the App Store image
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