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Frequently Asked Questions for Screen Off for Mac

  1. Installation

    Open the downloaded file by double-clicking it in Finder. Drag the Screen Off for Mac application icon to the /Applications folder.

  2. Uninstalling Screen Off for Mac

    The main application is uninstalled by dragging the Screen Off for Mac application in the /Application folder to the trash can. A small file containing the user's preferences is created for each user of the application. This is located in ~/Library/Perferences/ which may be deleted if you do not plan to re-install the application.

  3. What is "Enable access for assistive devices" about?

    Screen Off for Mac cannot work unless you give it permission to process your keyboard input. This is done by setting "Enable access for assistive devices" which is a Universal Access option in System Preferences.

  4. Does Screen Off for Mac contain adware or spyware?

    Screen Off for Mac is 100% free from any adware or spyware.